Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time Flies

Time Flies.....

It’s almost been a month since my last post. I looked today and was a little shocked. As I think back to what I have been through the past few weeks I must say that only god could be the reason for how I am doing and how I feel. It’s been 11 weeks and a few days since I hurt myself and I must say my progress has been remarkable. I was told that I wasn't going to be able to run again until week 12 but I can confidently say I started light jogging at week 6 and I sprinted again this week. SPIKES and all. Each day has been a little easier than the last. I’m still doing my rehab program and still working out in the weight room too. I hit 365 for a parallel squat two weeks go and now I've moved on to a front squatting cycle. 

I must admit that 11 weeks ago I couldn’t imagine the day I would be able to run again. (That’s just the amount of pain I was in) but I kept a strong faith in god an in my natural abilities and i'm on my way!!! I’m not ready yet but all a person needs to see is a little progress and you tend to automatically get an extra boost of confidence to push on. If found myself focusing a lot more on the little things in life too. The smallest gestures from people i've began to notice more. It’s probably because of all the small things I had to pay attention to while healing. It has forced me to just carry it over into my everyday life. The small things people have done for me have been the things that have made the Time Fly.... some things have been positive and some negative and I have been learning a lot about the people around me. I always thought that I was a person who paid attention to the fine print but as of late I have really been getting a better understanding for what that meant. 

The support I haven’t been getting is what I think has been the most inspirational in that extra attention to detail.  Like I wrote last time its ok to just let people go and by me following my own advice it has mad things a lot lighter on me... Yea it hurt at first and even know it does because no human likes to realize that a person they though cared about them oh so much is doing just the opposite... but Time goes on and it Flies by and those hurt days are soon replaced by the joy of the progress you have been seeing for yourself. I think at times it just takes that time to yourself for you too see that the strongest and most deadly weapon you have is yourself. We can be the most positive person when it comes to ourselves but we can also be our biggest and most harmful critic. Its important in your time of grief or disappointment that you remember that you are the same person who has had great exciting moments and that whatever down period you are in YOU can get your self out. Once you get out of the down situation you always look back and say dang Time sure does fly, I can remember when I was ________. My quiet moment isn’t over yet. I am not racing for a few more weeks but I am getting closer to making another explosion on a track somewhere close.

Thank you to the people who are truly in my corner and support me. Not just athletically but emotionally and just in my everyday life. Ill takes my four quarters all day everyday over 100 pennies. It’s those four quarters that are making me PUSH and keep my eyes on the prize.......

Thank you to the people and things that weren’t truly in my corner for you have helped me reduce my load. I don’t have to go out my way any longer and you helped me realize a lot of what I should have already knew!!! 



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  2. I didn't even know you were hurt... :(

    BUT I'm very happy to hear that you are making progress and healing up well! And I agree...the best times for you to truly see who is in your corner are when you are at your lowest points in life...I'm at one of those points myself, and some of the same ppl that I was super close to a couple months ago, I barely speak to now. And I'm ok with that.

    I think u already know this but just in case: If there's anything I can do for u (even while I'm in Jax), I'm just a call/text away. You are an amazing person, and I am PROUD to call you my brother.

    Much <3 Terrelley

    - Veena