Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Normally when it comes to my personal life i am not really open. When I go through different things I usually keep them to myself. But I was given some great advice from my Strength and Conditioning coach Matt Delancy today. He told me that I should start a blog and document the rehab process I am currently going through. I’m not sure if anyone is going to read this but if I can be a testimony and help just one person in the world I think that this blog will have served it purpose. 

Background info about myself

My Names Terrell Wilks. I am 22years old and I am from New Haven, CT. I grew up in a single parent home with just my mother and my little sister. "THEY ARE MY WORLD". I came down to Florida on a full track and field scholarship in 2007 and I have just completed my career here at The University of Florida. I’m still here completing my degree and training.

Life Right Now
Well as I said up above I finished my career at Florida and now I am competing professionally on the track and field circuit. This track and Field sport is one that not many people will ever get to experience. It’s both a gift and a curse... People are classified in this sport in a few different ways.

1. You have you athletes who had stellar college careers and they get the big contracts and are treated amazing by everyone. 

2. You have the athletes that didn't have that Amazing career and they don’t get the big time deal but get a little something that’s enough to let hem stay in the sport and try to get the big bucks.

3. You have the people who are just out here!!! 

I fall into the tier two athletes. Yes I won a few national titles but I won them running relays and team titles. I was never able to claim that one individual title for myself. I did however in 4 years make my share of NCAA Finals and I had a few moments that ill look back on and never forget. I signed with an agent and I was competing unattached for the first few meets of my Professional career. Luckily for me I was given a chance by a company and now those unattached days for me are over. 

 Well the sudden reason for this blog is to document my journey back to the track.  

The link above shows the race in which I hurt myself. I was in Birmingham, England at the Aviva Grand Prix. I ran and tied the fastest time in my life but I tore my Rectus Femoris while doing so. If you watch the video closely you will see me slow down before the line. Obviously I was not winning the race so slowing down prematurely would be hurting no one but myself, I slowed down because I felt a pop in the front of my hip and I instantly knew something was wrong.  I kept a clean face about the injury and I flew back home the next day after the meet. All of my international flyers reading this can vouch for me when I say flying over 10 hours in pain is a TERRIBLE FEELING. I had to do that and it wasn’t pretty. I made it back to the states and I got to come in and see the doctors at the University. I couldn’t get an MRI in enough time before I left to go with the UF Track team to the conference meet this past weekend so I had to sit again through the pain. IM TOUGH though so I just put the pain aside and did my duties as a volunteer assistant coach. I saw a bunch of GREAT performances from my gators and the ladies won the 201 Indoor SEC Title it was a great weekend overall but I knew in the back of my mind the whole weekend that I was going to have to deal with my medical situation as soon as I got back to Gainesville.  We came back to Gainesville on Monday and I had an MRI scheduled for that evening. I went at 5pm and got it taken care of...........

That night I found myself not able to sleep because I was hoping for the best but expecting the worse news. I prayed and I iced and I prayed and I iced some more. The next day I found out what exactly was wrong with me at around 4pm.  I was told that I had torn my Rectus Femoris all the way through like the worst tear possible. TOUGH NEWS for me...........

The next day which just so happens to be today I went in again and I found out that Andy our trainer and Matt had came up with a rehab plan for me and today was day one of it. I’m approaching my rehab like I have never approached something in my life. I have a dream to accomplish this year and I wont let a torn anything be the end of me and my quest to make the United States Olympic Team this year. 

I just want to be an example that you can defy the odds. I have a few people who have been around me enough to know that I have some of the worst luck known to man but they also can vouch for me to say that I can handle adversity like no other person. I’m just going to document that all here. 

Day one of my rehab consisted of an intense day in the training room using several machines and doing a few body weight exercises. I have to get my quad to react again it has went dead on me not all the way but enough to make there be a  difference in the definition of the two muscles already. 

I also went to the weight room ad did a few lifts that did not cause any pain and a hip mobility circuit. 

I did 5x5 set of RDL's 
5 rounds of a Hip Mobility Circuit
Hard Core Circuit

That stuff seems to not be a lot but its was very intense for me. Today was a very emotional day for me. I know its not normal for guys to show emotion so i didn't show it but inside i was full of it. Im determined to get back in les than the 12 weeks they old me it would take. With god, my determination, my rehab plan and a solid support system Terrell Wilks will be back up and running in No TIME. 


I can Do all things through Christ who strengthens me.. Philippians 4:13


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  3. I would Have never known bruh and we missed lunch together today. That why it took you so long in there while I was waiting. I'm sorry to hear but then again I'm not worried at all. You're a strong brother and Like you said with GOD and determination you'll be back on the track in no time.

  4. I never doubted what you can do and I know you will get through this for sure. We all tend to hide our emotions and I'm one of the biggest ones to do so. I understand where you coming from but as long as you know that God has your back I'm not worried at all. I do miss you bro. Stay focus and know I got your back.

  5. LOVE IT !!! Very inspiring as well...

  6. The prayers of the righteous availeth much... God knew the thoughts and plans He had for you before you were formed in your mother's womb and all things are working out to your advantage in the end "bad luck" or not you will come out on top

  7. T WOO! You know you my homie man! I've gotten to get to know you on a real personal level and I value you that bro. I would have never known this was happening and i just saw you yesterday. I'm gonna be honest just outright sucks...but then again, like you said it's life. One thing I know for certain is that you are one tough young man so I know your mind is in the right place to get you back to where you need to be. Make sure you never find yourself feeling sorry for yourself. My Bible tells me that my God never gives us anything that's too much for us to bear. As far as I'm concerned this was planned bro. Take it and make the best of the situation. This very well might be the best way you can touch lives during your time on this earth bro make the best of it. I know for one reading this, I was touched! So you reached one person. Like Trey said bro, God knew the thoughts and plans he had for you before your were conceived. Never hang you head and always keep it up high. This is only a new chapter in a very precious life you're living. Bro, I'm going to stop hear before I write my own blog on here,lol, but just know I love you like a brother! And clearly we all do. You know where to find me bro if you need ANYTHING! I'll be keeping up with your blog so don't get lazy

  8. Only thing that can stop a determined man is a more determined man. "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul" It Takes a real man to share his problems because half the people don't care about your problems and the other half of people glad you got the problems. But a brother is born for adversity. Eat this limburger and enjoy the journey.

  9. This is awesome, Terrell! The testimony here is that you have such great faith during an adverse time. Your healing will be the icing on the cake! I'm excited for you and what God is doing through you; be encouraged!

  10. Bruh I'm in this with you .....we both know everything happen for a reason .. And some reason we might not kno ... But the word says if two or more come to agreement... At shall be so.. I'm in agreement with you ... I believe with you... It shall be so

  11. aawww Terrell! aye maye zing.

  12. BIRTHDAY BUDDY your blog was inspiring. Me being a distance runner I have someone remained injury free for the most part. Stay focused on your long term goal. Although you seem to think you have the worst luck ever, I think that sometimes also. (BUT JUST KNOW) everything happens for a reason. you are strong and you will overcome this injury. I wish you a healthy and fast recovery. Stay strong and in the end you'll WIN. #BeBlessed